Thursday, August 25, 2011

Urgent! Singapore Need YOU as PE Agents! Serious Shortage!

Sammyboy.Com Thread:

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FACT is the number of voters and ballot boxes is the same as GE2011, actually a bit more - by 5/87.

Why? This is an election that is the Scale equal to A FULL 87 Seats CONTEST, because (5 seats Tg Pagar) Old Dog Thief LIMPED over in GE2011, this one PE is bigger than GE in terms of the required numbers of Polling & Counting Agents.

Why worse? Because it is 3 TIMES WORSE then GE2011 in the requirement for number of Agents, because of 4 corner fights, TCB TKL TJS each needs a huge number of agent equal to 1 GE itself.

This GE opposition needs 3 X more in number of Agents than famiLEE LEEgime. They have only TT, we have got TCB + TKL + TJS!

The only way there is going to be enough agent is TCB + TKL + TJS agents ALL COMBINE & COOPERATES!

My experience as polling & counting agent in video follows: (these were for GE but PE similar)

Not enough agents or non-cooperative between opposition agents for TCB + TKL + TJS means fucking LEEgime have chance to rig this PE.