Saturday, March 07, 2009

Judge indulged the License Office to Obstruct Justice

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I registered an objection in that trial yesterday around 6PM, in the face of court directly against the trial judge DJ Chia Wee Kiat, and had him recorded by objection.

PW2 (Prosecution's Witness #2) Yeo Kok Leong had been since the morning of the trial from Miss CSC's cross examination, through council Francis Aw's cross examination until Mr. Chia Ti Lik's cross examination posted rediculous answers to dodge cross examination.

He had in fact done the same in Dr CSJ's cross examination earlier this week, and he had gotten more audacious and more rediculous as the trial went on.

I stood up during CSJ's cross to make objection against the witness, he then stay on the boundary of obstructing justice.

His standard answer is to comment that the question asked is a matter of police operation secret or mata procedure secret and can not be told.

I stood up during CSC's cross to fire him, and then the judge still indulged him to go on in the same way.

During Mr. Chia Ti Lik's cross exam, bloody Yeo Kok Leong went to the rediculos extend of saying that question asked will take a very complicated answer to explain the details and thus he think it is not necessary for him to answer.

Similarly he gave a series of mata secracy excues to both CSC & Ti Lik's questions.

I interrrupted Ti Lik and made a very loud and clear objection against District Judge Chia Wee Kiat, that he had allowed this witness on the stand in this trial to obstruct justice by refusing to give testimony on the stand and citing rediculous secracy excuses. And as the presiding trial judge he just sit in the bench and watch this goes on and on, and continued to do NOTHING about it. That's why such obstruction of justice could go on for so long on and on.

I told District Judge Chia Wee Kiat that then-president Bill Clinton was indicted to testify before the US Grand Jury and he had to tell on the witness stand how he had the Oral Sex (w Monica), and he can not hide behind any WhiteHouse secracy.

I told District Judge Chia Wee Kiat that similarly, ex-President ChenShuiBian and his Presidential Office Staffs are now on trial for corruption and money laundering the Discrationary State Affair Fund 国务机要费 which is one of the highest state secret. But there is no secracy before a court of justice, everything have to come to the light!

I had previously during CSJ's cross exam applied for hearing in camera when this punk Yeo Kok Leong cited his big Gastapo ISD secracy. Judge had NO RESPOND ABOUT THIS THEN, more than once!

What I didn't mentioned, is that when Old Dog Thief LKy was on the witness stand cross examed by CSJ & CSC, they also rocked him up and similarly old dog could not dodge answering about National Reserve etc. WAF can this big fuck mata Station Inspector cite secracy and dodge questions? He could only do so because the judge did nothing about it!

I urged District Judge Chia Wee Kiat to exercise his power to stop this obstruction of justice as the trial judge. To order the witness to produce the answers or to throw the law at him and cite him contempt.

After this, judge said "this court will proceed with control of this trial" with a very unhappy tone of voice, and you should look at the faces of 2 DPPs + APP & the bloody witness.

When WongKanSeng was querry by Parliament on JI Fled, he had to reveal all the blood LEEgime's ISD secrets. Dummy Ass Loong also made a screw up to reveal the name of ISD director. This mata kept telling the court that he knows lots of secret but can not tell!???

I made a mata report against Ass Loong for his blunder revealing ISD Director's name last year: