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Mr. 施明德 case of Red Shirt Army assembly & procession Verdict this Friday

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紅衫軍圍城周五宣判 施明德回凱道抗議惡法

更新日期:2009/02/17 12:05



倒 扁副總指揮姚立民也說,修改集遊法是馬英九的競選政見,但是馬政府上台到現在將近一年,國民黨卻因警方的反對,拖延到上個會期結束還是無法過關。姚立民 說,集遊法已經違反了憲法所保障的集會權利,法案還是卡在立法院過不了關,國民黨太顢頇。姚立民說,民眾有表達訴求的權利,如果國民黨再不回應民間修法的 訴求,人民遲早還會再走上街頭。

Mr. 施明德 & 16 other key members of his famous Red Shirt Army Anti-Corruption Campaign against 陈水扁, had been charged with Illegal Assembly and Procession besieging the Presidential Palace in 2006, which is THE SAME TIME AS OUR WB/IMF Speakers' Cornered protest.

The verdict is expected on Friday 20.Feb.2009 for Mr. 施明德 and his co-defendents.

Mean while trial resumes for myself & other co-defendents for WB/IMF Speakers' Cornered tomorrow in Sub Court (court 15?) the other case which was for anniversary of WB/IMF was just adjourned some 2 weeks ago. :-)

I remember 3 years ago at Spreakers' Cornered, we were in middle of stand-off against famiLEE LEEgime matas during WB/IMF, I was kept busy monitoring what was going on in Taipei where our friend Mr. 施明德 & 16 others led his 1 million strong Red Shirt Army beseiging Ah Bian's Istana. :-) Their movement inspired and motivated me very much.

This Friday 20.Feb.2009 we will hear the verdict from Taiwanese Court about Red Shirt Army's campaign, and accordign to Yahoo's news above they will not appeal if convicted as a sign of protest agianst the UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW Banning Freedom of Assembly & Procession. We are fighters against the same thing in different parts of Asia. The Reform Spirits and Goals are identical. The great difference is in the scale. They had a million crowd!

Friday, 20.Feb.2009 Mr. 施明德 & his Red Shirt Army Protesters will Return to The Same Street before Presidential Istana to Await the court's verdict! So watch the news!

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