Friday, January 30, 2009

Tak Boleh Tahan in France millions in strikes + protest

  1. Chinese News URL 法国100多万人今天将上街抗议萨科齐政府
  2. English News URL France gripped by mass strike to protest fallout from global economic crisis
  3. English News URL French In Protest Over Economy
  4. English News URL France faces 'Black Thursday' strike chaos
I am not French speaker but I think it is written as
in French for Tak Boleh Tahan.

I must say that the protesters masks are reminding me of V For Vendetta :-)

And I can not help to connect that to images of the French Revolution: :-)

Peasants are the same in nature regardless of time and place, Singaporeans or French, now or then, went they can not withstand their situations any longer, either it is called Tak Boleh Tahan or Insupportable, the results are similar regardless of Race Language or Religion. :-)

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insupportable /ɛ̃sypɔʀtabl/ adjective unbearable.

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