Thursday, January 01, 2009

Opposition fighters counted down to 2009 & Remembered Mr. JBJ

The scenes of Giant Candle Light Message could be a record in Singapore. Hundreds of candles lit the words "FREE SINGAPORE" at Speaker's Corner on New Year Eve 2008.2009, about 15 meters height and 20 meters wide. Very beautiful very inspiring very unforgettable.

I met representatives from:

SPP WP NSP RP SDP SDA were seen, not all had spoken though. Activists with no party membership were also there.

Homeless people at Hong Lim Park were invited to enjoy the fun and food & drinks. It was indeed a meaningful matter. Very sad on new year eve when most people are celebrating and costly fireworks were blasted to the sky, we witness several homeless people making the Hong Lim Park stage their homes, to spend their 1st night of 2009 there. All we could do is to share food and drinks and friendship with them tonight. We have to fight to bring down this greedy selfish and self-enriching; corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime in order to prevent more Singaporeans to be victimized in this way. The video I took of them from afar in the dark show their belongings and 3 of them sitting or laying on the stage, too dark to see well.

man in long sleeve light blue shirt behind poster is Mr. Sin Kek Tong, Chairman of SPP,
He was among the very first people to arrive while SDP was still setting the place up:

Mr. Ng Teck Siong, Chairman of Reform Party selling Mr. JBJ's books & T-shirts:
SPP's Mr. Sin Kek Tong still visible at far back:

I saw strange clouds at about 1630 on the very last day of 2008, black dragon in sky, and the sun was just in front of it - looking like black dragon swallowing the dragon ball 黑龙戏珠 (in this shot taken around 1731hr only some black bands are visible):

Ms Chee Siok Chin took charge of the food:

Mr. Juffre M spoke:

Mr. Steve Chia ex-NCMP NSP spoke:

Ms Jesslin Go spoke:

Mr. John Tan Asst Sec Gen SDP was released from QRP resort yesterday morning:

Mr. Gandhi Ambalam Chairman SDP spoke:

Mr. Sebastian Teo President of NSP spoke:

Mr. Ng Teck Siong Chairman Reform Party spoke to commemorate late Mr. JBJ:

Mr. Tan Kim Lian spoke to commemorate late Mr. JBJ:

Mr. Ng E-Jay spoke to commemorate late Mr. JBJ:

you got to watch these on video Dr. CSJ & band sang with guitar:

Son of late Mr. JBJ Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam spoke about his father:

Mr. Juffrie spoke to commemorate late Mr. JBJ:

Thank-you-note by Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam:

Giant Candle Message in the lighting up:

View from stairs of bridge:

View from a point of height: