Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fight On John Isrizal & Shafi''ie you are absolutely right

You certainly did nothing wrong my friends, and I proudly commend your victory. To be precise, you hit the famiLEE LEEgime accurately at the right spot! Their coward respond exhibited your victory, and proved that you did the right thing for the good of Singapore.

Like I told Mr. Gopalan Nair, and that he absolutely agreed, there is price to pay on both sides. We pay the smaller and the famiLEE LEEgime paid the bigger. We must not be afraid to pay price, and continue to fight on and on. The recent behaviors of famiLEE LEEgime indicated clearly that our major breakthrough is just around the corner.

Beside this little Kangaroo Court, what does the old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew have to fall back on?



For the entire history of LEEgime, they had relied on several lame things to sustain political power and nearly unchanged. Uniquely Singapore! The only significant change is ISA is no longer useful for famiLEE LEEgime in politics.

The current development in Thailand proved that even martial law is useless. Even the police and military can simply take their own positions and refuse to blindly serve the orders of ministers or parliament. It would not be much hope for famiLEE LEEgime to be sustainable on martial law either.

You got LKy the old dog thief desperately panic when you hit the right spot - right on the final Alamo that famiLEE LEEgime is relying on to sustain itself - Kangaroo Court.

I am prepared to write open letter to CJ Chan & AG Woon in few weeks. :-)

Congratulations my 3 honorable friends, you did not apologize. I can tell you that old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew is very pissed. He will make more desperate moves, because he is really cornered now. The economic crisis; political crisis; social crisis and his own age had gridlocked this old dog in a very tight spot. Even time isn't in his favor.

A note about the video clip:
I had my own trail today, could not wait any longer outside the court to film, CSC & Gandhi already went off, and only Isrizal came out, John & Shafi''ie etc were still talking upstairs, so I rushed over to sub court instead of awaiting out there to film these guys. Later over at sub court, when John & Shafi''ie etc arrived, our trial was already in progress.

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What the world need to also know?

back of my T-shirt:

front of my T-shirt:

  • I was not wearing a Kangaroo T-shirt on that day with the 3 guys. I was wearing the above.
  • I was standing right next to John Tan confronting old dog thief LKy together in Supreme Court on that day. I made LKy looked at my T-shirt as well as Johns'. The old dog and body guards walked face to face at arm length distance from both of us.
  • I pulled my own T-shirt with left hand and my right hand pulled John's kangaroo T-shirt. I asked LKy to look and he did. The pictures are full T-shirt sized and half respectively.
  • John said to LKy "You make me sick!" he need not be loud because LKy was very near to us.
  • mata called up John for investigation but not me.
  • mata only dare to ask John "at supreme court on this day did harassed SOMEONE by saying You Make Me Sick"
  • John told mata if you dare not tell me who is this SOMEONE than how you expect me to answer your investigation question?
  • The next thing, John & the other 2 got charged. Not me.
  1. So it is obvious that LKy reported to his own mata on John, but not me.
  2. He is a fucking coward chicken.
  3. He knows for sure that I am prepared to cause him more damages and pay the price - more than John & the rest.
  4. That is the LKy that you MUST KNOW.