Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ChenShuiBian vs Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew comparison table

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Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew

Chen Shui Bian


  • Installed in SAF as Generals

  • Installed in High Positions in Public Companies with Lucrative Interests

  • Installed in political party

  • Installed in state ministerial cabinet as DPM and PM

  • None of those as dirty as Lky

  • Son is jobless but very very rich

  • Filthy funds in huge amount in son + daughter in law's accounts


  • High in public medical service head (National Neuro-Science Institute)

  • Private Dentist


  • Filthy Rich holding huge asset to keep husband's ass shielded from corruption charge

  • In big lucrative businesses

  • Filthy Rich holding huge asset to keep husband's ass shielded from corruption charge

  • In big lucrative businesses


  • broke multiple World Records and continuing to break only his own records

  • Normal

Back-bone 骨气

  • None what so ever

  • suck on to any government and NMC with interest

  • Yes, strong in stands for independence of Taiwan

  • Polite but not shamelessly


  • Out Right Coward

  • Kowtou to all powers

  • only courageous when driven by financial interest

  • claim to have fought for independence but indeed just a traitor stealing success after betraying and back-stabbing own comrades

  • Yes, takes on strong and huge enemies, e.g. PRC on the most sensitive and intolerable issue of independence

  • Fought many up-hill battles including overthrowing KMT totalitarian from monopoly power

Oppressions & Bully

  • Absolutely against opponents

  • treacherously against own comrades of Barisan Socialists

  • bully only the smaller and weaker

  • never ever will take on any one similar or larger in size

  • never fixed KMT when he was president

  • never made opponents bankrupt


  • Yes, torn Singapore out of Malaysia after failing to grab PM position in KL

  • Self-claim to have fought for independence of Singapore from British Empire

  • democratically opposes independence of Taiwan & Tibet

  • Yes, fighting for independent Taiwan

  • support separatism of Tibet

Hypocrisy level


  • High


  • giant crook

  • deny to be a crook

  • oppress people who exposed his integrity

  • bent laws to suit his self interests & greed

  • openly corrupt and LEEgalized his own brand of corruption

  • big crook

  • admitted to be a crook with excuses

  • secretively get his own family filthy rich

  • when exposed admitted to violation of law

legal background

  • lawyer

  • defended activists small time

  • lawyer

  • defended activists big time


  • not yet

  • before as well as after presidency


  • Extreme

  • Not openly

Electoral Honesty

  • highly suspected to have rigged results

  • brazenly distributed cash in name of Progress Package just 5 days before polling

  • Notorious GRC systematic scams

  • Plays with law & regulations of elections & boundaries of constituencies forever

  • highly suspected to have stage self-shooting before re-election as president

  • minor polling issues


  • believed to be high but blinded by own defects

  • play high-key and act-smart

  • normal or slightly low

  • play low-key and act-blur


  • Ultra thick skin

  • Thick skin normal for Taiwanese politicians


  • poor / weak & fragile

  • Very Strong, a tested survivor

Style of corruption

  • disapprove of corruption & punish others for this crime harshly

  • LEEgalized own corruption & cronies

  • export own concept of LEEgalized corruption globally

  • self-claim to be Cleanest

  • cover up corruption scandals in own administration as far as still possible to cover

  • fought against corrupted KMT regime with victory

  • did not pursue huge corruptions of previous administration at highest levels

  • pursued some corruption cases that don't lead to very top

  • confessed to own corruption cases

  • blame his own wife for the corruption


  • Fake Westerner

  • Fake Confucianism

  • Fake Asian Values

  • Genuine son of Taiwan

  • Oriental values & tradition


  • Big time for financial interest & political goals

  • Big time for financial interest & political goals

Military Service

  • not required and never served in military

  • medical exemption from national service due to flat-feet


  • absolutely denying own greed

  • self-enriching extremely and benefited own famiLEE & Cronies

  • rarely use his money to help any person or charity

  • admitted own corruption

  • used huge assets to assist own party candidates to get elected (a more selfless aspect)

  • selectively generous

Self sacrifice

  • hardly any

  • extremely selfish

  • had been pushed into drain by hostile political faction

  • mostly had scape-goats taking sufferings on his behalf

  • paid lots of price in his political fights

  • paid big price to fight for comrades such as during 美丽岛事件

  • had been imprisoned; sued; charged; arrested; beaten and kicked physically. Wife was injured by suspected assassin and became wheel chair bonded.


  • Very unforgiving and wicked

  • quite forgiving and gracious


  • Extreme

  • moderate


  • Over confidence notoriously in certain areas

  • Full of false confidence

  • Dishonest with own faults and failures

  • moderate

  • seldom over-commit or false promise

  • admit to short comings and failures

Money Laundering

  • De facto father of Asia's Money Laundering HUB, providing service to corrupts & criminal syndicates of the entire world. Filthy blood monies of drugs and corrupt politicians as well as organized crimes laundered under LEEgime of his tight personal control

  • His wife, children & close family members and cronies are in a network to launder huge funds. Which is hard to say weather it is political fund or proceedings of corruption, blended in a complex mixture.


  • extreme when conducting bullies against weak and small opponents

  • ambitious but cautious with his Taiwanese independence agendas

  • moderate with domestic politics within Taiwan


  • extremely intolerant against those who he can bully. He will take extreme audacious and merciless measures to destroy any weaker opponents.

  • extremely tolerant towards those stronger and bigger than himself, he will apologize and swallow all his prides when he face irresistible powers.

  • extremely tolerant even towards opponents including PRC and those who aggressively tried to topple him such as Mr 施明德.

  • he will fight back against strong adversaries but with lots of tolerance, e.g. from within prison