Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taiwanese Female Protester carried away by mata became Instant Star

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The latest things I read online includes that modelling contract offers is among the fame and good comments she received for this infamous shot. Her name is not even known at this moment. Some said she got the face of a star. Her beautiful pose in this shot is what made her an instant star in the Cyber Space.

She was among those students who were protesting (sit-in) in front of Ministerial Cabinet's Office aka 行政院. This group is part of the students who are protesting in many locations in Taiwan currently, some of them have been camping for the 6th day. See my other Blog News on this protest that is demanding for law on Assembly & Procession to be relaxed.

Singaporean activists are to take note of this the next time when famiLEE LEEgime matas come to carry you away. :-)

靜坐被警抬離POSE佳 美女學生爆紅

更新日期:2008/11/12 07:30 記者施鴻基/台東報導





但目前網路上仍沒人提供這名女學生的身分,有人猜測她未必是學生,說不定是學校助教或是前往助陣的路人,網友還在設法搜尋中。 thread 1 thread 2