Saturday, November 01, 2008

After Davinda Singh Drew & Napir famiLEE LEEgime turned to AGC

The lame bastard famiLEE LEEgime used to hire expensive private lawyers from Drew & Napir aka notorious Davinda Singh to generate their foul oppressive law suits hoping to silence their opponents, these kind of thick piles of legal documents USED TO BE served on late Mr. JBJ & SDP, the quantity and bulk of them is sufficient for SDP & Reform Party to open a LEEgal library.

These days however, things changed, that SDP is not going to do what JBJ did, which is to pay these bastard a single cent at all. Given that market is so bad, and famiLEE LEEgime is going broke, they turned to ABUSE Tax Payer's funds aka AGC to file law suits to fix opposition, not their expensive private lawyers any more.

The piles of LEEgal craps in hands of John & Shaffie each weights 3kg and got thousand pages. This is tiny compared to what I had seen that each delivery of crap from famiLEE LEEgime's asshole is a huge box over 10kg, to be ABUSED in just a single day trial. :-)

Something amazing to show the world.

Why is famiLEE LEEgime so particular about their Kangaroo Court? It is because that is their very final Alamo. When they fail in holding that last fort, the famiLEE LEEgime is OVER!


Pictures were taken on Friday, after LEEgime served these craps at their own court. The court had to adjourn early due to this, and the final moment of that day's trial was fiery not only that Shaffie was in combat suit but John literally mentioned use of guns and bullets to settle disputes in the wild west aka duel. :-) DPP & judge plus Chia Ti Lik & Ghandi together sparked session of NDP fireworks before the judge decided (without wanting to hear DPP's opinion) to adjourn until next Friday.

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