Sunday, October 05, 2008

Good Bye Mr JBJ Sir

I have got Giga Bytes of video of today's grand sending off for Mr. JBJ.

Still being uploaded now, part 1 here, the rest may take another whole day to complete.

Good Bye Sir Mr. JBJ. I salute you!

To await for the production of the latest batch of commemoration T-shirts, I arrived last min at the Mount Vernon Parlor when hearse was already beginning to move. I fumbled to take video under heavy rain, and got it all wrong, I recorded only rubbish! Damn! Sorry Sir Mr. JBJ.

Today patriotic peasants sang National Anthem to honor Mr JBJ at his final send off. I got it on video. Just uploaded here:

Right after the Anthem peasants applauded the final salute to Mr. JBJ with a round of hand clapping (I stopped recording then, I was too much in grief)

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