Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singaporeans & Malaysians mourns Mr. JBJ

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Showing up at his wake are mourners from Singapore & Malaysian political sector and legal sector. Lots of wreaths arrived too.

In my own opinion, had the LEEgime been removed / replaced in Singapore, a state funeral shall be held to honor Mr. JBJ.

I call for a big send off for Mr. JBJ on this Saturday, at his funeral. Info

Please come and take part in sending off Mr. JBJ, and bring your friends.

on a white board written by Mr. Ng Teck Siong in Mr. JBJ's office, the highlighted court cases in progress.

You can show support to Reform Party by buying Mr. JBJ's books which are his personal donations made to the party found by himself.

followings are videos that are on my blog article:

Dr. CSJ standing before Mr. JBJ's casket:

matas including plain clothed one (beginning part - right hand side) were controlling traffic and parking of cars under the rain at Mt Venon Complex for Mr. JBJ's wake. Yong man in Green T-shirt is I think a grandson of Mr. JBJ.