Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abudllah use ISA on blogger again today, famiLEE LEEgime gave Gopalan Nair 3 months

MalaysiaKini.Com: Another blogger arrested
SGP 154th CNA news

Who is more desperate? famiLEE LEEgime or Malaysian BN ?

Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz

Both are busing so called laws to cover they own lame ass. Both are corrupted selfish greedy cowards. Both are furiously attacked by bloggers. Both are not feared by bloggers. Both failed to stop the bloggers' attacks! Both are pathetically and hopelessly desperate!

Ex-Worker's Party Candidate who stood in Bukit Merah in 1991, currently American citizen, ex-Singaporean blogger Mr. Gopalan Nair on the right side of this picture, outside LEEgime's court after he was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.

These are the 2 LEEgime prosecutors that asked for NOT LESS THAN 3 MONTHS IMPRISONMENT for Gopalan Nair. On the left side is Mrs. Tan.

In my personal opinion Mr. Gopalan Nair fight this battle bravely, and righteously. He contributed much more than most average Singaporeans who are to coward to lift a finger for all the injustices and wrongs of famiLEE LEEgime. As an ex-Singaporean citizen and candidate he have no obligation to fight against Singapore's injustice, however he did so much for Singapore. By this and what he had done so far, Mr. Gopalan Nair had already earned an honorable citizenship of Singapore as an American citizen. I am proud of Mr. Gopalan Nair.

I am calling for all righteous Singaporeans and international blogger community to support Mr. Gopalan Nair and stand up against the coward famiLEE LEEgime which abused unfair power against blogger such as Mr. Gopalan Nair. Just as we support Malaysian bloggers such as Raja Petra and Syed Azidi, we have to stand by Mr. Gopalan Nair.

Bloggers are not alone in this globalized Cyberspace. The draconian coward regimes are facing entire world of bloggers, and we out-number them always. :-)

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