Saturday, October 04, 2008

Funeral for Mr. JBJ will not be politicized

I am putting out this message to tell political supporters not to politicize funeral for Mr. JBJ, so that NON-POLITICAL friends; relatives; foreigners; lawyers; and even PAppies who admire Mr. JBJ will not feel uncomfortable to attend this funeral. I am referring to the funeral process today.

Only after the cremation we start to address political aspects of Mr. JBJ's passing. I belief that there is a gathering at Speakers Corner tonight between 1830Hr to 2200Hr. (6:30 to 10PM).

Although Mr. JBJ is our highly respected political leader, his funeral also belong to his family and friends from many non-political sectors. Such as the legal sector. We should just set politics aside during his funeral and leave politics to political gatherings such as this Speakers' Corner event. Please don't mix things and cause unhappiness. Regardless of political stands lets commemorate and honor this great man today in peace. This is my message.

After crematorium and dinner I will be at speakers Corner.

Last night, more books had been at the wake, I think the printer who regularly printed for Mr. JBJ got some stocks and the Reform Party managed to acquire from the printing company, which were previously printed in excess and not yet delivered to Mr. JBJ's office. :-) Good news for those who want to get books.

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