Friday, October 03, 2008

Good News! JBJ Book Availiable (limited)

one nice surprise today, after Reform Party looked into boxes in a store room, some other previously unknown stocks of Mr. JBJ's books were found! So they got on sale again tonight around 9PM.

If you clicked the picture of this wreath for enlarged view, it is indeed sent by ex-WP's Mr. Tang Liang Hong, 邓亮宏!
Another good news, is I designed this T-shirt and it will be available from tomorrow from Reform Party. I was wearing the 1st sample of it tonight. Please wear it during Mr. JBJ's Grand Send Off.

Mr. Low TK & Miss Lim & Mr. Yaw etc at the wake table with Mr. Leong

NSP's table Mr. Goh in blue

WP arrived in a large group

What do you know... Young JBJ!

heh ISD please check this out! oh Sorry not from Mas Selamat...

NSP group paying formal tribute to Mr. JBJ:

WP group paying formal tribute to Mr. JBJ:
I noted Mr. Low's deep bows.

[video still uploading]

Today there is significantly more mourners and wreaths arrived. The parlor building is getting packed. I insist that Mr. JBJ deserves to be honored with a state funeral, at least Prata Nathan was sent here today by the famiLEE LEEgime. OK, thanks but no eggs please.

It had became a pleasant problem that there they have to look for new places to place the wreaths.

Funeral Arrangement Update:
This Saturday 4.Oct.2008
Hearse will leave Mount Vernon Parlor 1 at 1300hr (1pm) to St Andrew Cathedral
Church Service scheduled at St Andrew Cathedral at 1400hr (2PM)
Departure to Mandai Crematorium at 1500hr (3PM)

Bus numbers to Mt Vernon for wake & funeral departure: SBS 100; SBS135; SBS155
to Upper Aljunied Road

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