Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day2, 24.Oct.2008, Judge Coached testimony of the 1st witness!

1 day subsequent to the illegal trial, what had happened unreported?

During cross-examination of the 1st witness - SSG Nor Hidah Md Ali Jinnah - police photographer, one other defendant in person asked a simple question:

Witness, at what time of the day did you took these photos?

Before the witness on the stand could answer, the presiding judge snapped in and pointed out that the time at which photos were taken were printed as 1147HRS on the cover of photos' binder.

I stood up to verify this was the case:

Your honor may I know weather did the witness answered the question?

Judge acknowledge that witness had not answered yet, but he is aware that the answer could be found on the cover of photos' binder.

I objected immediately, that the presiding judge was giving evidence from his bench.

Presiding judge was providing the answer to the question asked by the defense's cross examination on behalf of the witness on the stand, before even the witness had a chance to answer it!

I insisted that this is coaching the testimony of the witness on the stand from the judge's bench, that witness had been coached on where to find the answer for the cross examination question (regarding the time of the day at which the witness took these photos).

My objection is registered on record of this illegal trial.

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