Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I am afraid I can not congratulate Obama

I wished I could but on a serious mind I can not congratulate Mr. Obama being elected as US president.

This remain true even if McCain or any one else was elected, and this is based on practical consideration the rather political. Any one that takes over the WhiteHouse from Bush Junior will be engulfed in real deep shit, and this is indeed not anything that I could congratulate any one for. Yes it is a big election victory, but still it can not hide the fact that the president elect is walking into a WhiteHouse full of shit left behind by GW Bush Junior. I am sorry for Mr. Obama to be in that position indeed.

Bush Jr is a true piece of work, and he really left an unprecedented amount of shit behind in the WhiteHouse and regardless who is elected to take over this office, there is unprecedented amount of shit to clean up. That is really an ultra awful job for any leader to take.

I can only hope that Obama have some good plans and I can only wish him luck. 大吉大利。

John McCain may consider himself lucky to have Obama taking up this awful task to clean up shit left behind by Bush Jr, but neither can I congratulate McCain. :-)

Most people that I heard from have very high expectations of Obama, from the votes I read the same thing, and these I believe are just extra burdens for him. For those who had enough of Bush, I think they expect all the shit left behind by Bush to vanish immediately once Obama is elected. This will never be an easy task for any leader, these people can actually expect some disappointment.

Obama is going to need lots of help and resources and time. It would be too naive to expect Obama to be Santa, and await for all your dream goodies from Obama by X'mas. This is what I want to caution fellow Singaporeans.

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