Friday, February 27, 2009

1st TBT Activist going to QRP Jail on Saturday

Activists will be sending off Juffrie on Saturday (tomorrow) to Court 26, that he become the 1st of the 19 TBT Activists to go to QRP Resort :-). His wife Suraya still with the rest of us on trial. Due to his work committment and need to take care of the 3 children Juffrie can not stay along with the trial. He wore the Original Red TBT T-shirt to court yesterday, and scolded the Malay interpreater before the trial court (Court 10) when charges were read to him, I have no idea what was the contention but some how the interpreater pissed him off.

The judge did not want to accept him to plea guilty for the reason that he is in contention with the Statement Of Facts tendered by DPP Izzac Tan. The contention is that it stated Wrongly to alleged that Juffrie knew that Permit Application Was Rejected.

The irony in famiLEE LEEgime's court yesterday was that one had to lie to court in order that plea guilty can be accepted!

Juffrie won the applaude of entire group of TBT activist in court 10 after he read out his statement, asserting that he did nothing wrong, and is pround and firm about what he he did on 15.Mar.2008 at Parliament for World's Consummer Rights Day, and Tak Boleh Tahan.

He will be going to prison for 8 days for total of 2 charges, (4 days each) he will not pay the famiLEE LEEgime a single cent in fine. But the fine was $600+$600=$1200.

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