Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cafe Election Talks Singapore GE2011 video

Video was recorded today (5.Mar.2011) with Mr. Arthero Lim and is uploaded on on the electoral issues surrounding GE2011.

This issue covered the Budget Vote Buying of both GE2006 & GE2011; the National Reserve being utilised; Health Care; late Mr. JB Jeyaretnam; Lee Kuan Yew (approx 10mins); Khaw Boon Wan; NKF Scandal; Dr Susan Lim Saga; CPF fund etc.

More than 2 years after the passing of late Mr. JBJ, I have still vivid memory of wanting to post on this blog about JBJ's impending heart by-pass which he had after long years of reluctance finally accept to take. He replied that he was still awaiting for the surgical schedule to be allocated to him, couldn't give me the schedule yet. His wellness had began to deteriorate at that time amid his busy court schedules and attempts to fight for Bukit Batok By Election, I guess it was that which made him finally compromised his persisted declination for that surgical procedure - knew that he really could not sustain further without that surgical procedure. I was glad that he decided in favour of it.

Mr. Ng Teck Siong informed me that JBJ really needed more rest when I was checking with him on a suitable time to meet up with him. I was in the middle of court cases in District Court myself, along with Dr. CSJ, and Mr. JBJ was fighting cases in High Court. The next thing all of a sudden, JBJ died of heart attack. We applied for urgent adjournment for the trial and rushed to Singapore Casket. :-(

JBJ did not get his surgical schedule after all. He wont' need one any more.

All those years there were a bunch of scepticism influencing JBJ against accepting that heart by-pass procedure recommended by SGH doctors. I did not share those views. One of those arguments which I believe spoked JBJ was the possibility of him failing to wake up from the surgery in SGH, meaning that OT could be his passage to meet god. Eventually after all, he still met god at the hospital. :-( Chinese idiom called that 造化。 是福不是祸;是祸躲不过! Turned out to be so true.... thread

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