Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reform Party's Rally at Speakers Corner, new citizen candidate slammed imigrant policy!

This evening Saturday 15.Jan.2011 at Speakers Cornered Hong Lim Park, under heavy rain, hundreds of Singaporeans including some new citizens and new voters listen to the candidates of Reform Party, led by Keneth Jeyaretnam. The party's candidate includes New Citizen from China Mr. Zhuo, who slammed against the famiLEE LEEgime's migrant policy, pointing out that it is wrong and there are too many immigrants, and this policy had been implemented without due considerations. He wants this policy reversed. He asked for voters to vote his party into parliament.

The rain fluttered between light and heavy, and many were holding umbrellas supporting the rally. Majority of the crowds were using the Kreta Ayer CC's stage shelter to listen to the rally.

Reporters and activists used rain coats to photograph and record the speeches. I was without any umbrella wearing a cap, my camera got very wet as a result and we were all standing in puddles of the filed to record video and images of this rally. thread URL