Thursday, March 03, 2011

Invasion & Exploitation in the Name of Democracy? Watchful over Libya etc

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It already happened to Iraq in the hands of G W Bush, in the completely false assumption of WMD (weapons of mass destruction), invaded, destroyed, slaughtered and plundered that oil rich country. Libya is similarly oil rich and vulnerable with it's long ruling military dictator similar with Saddam Hussein in profile.

Exploiting the rebellion and in the name of supporting Democracy, the west are eying Libya for it's oil. Similar danger hangs over a handful of Middle Eastern States for similar reasons, however none of them are as immediately vulnerable as Libya as so called No-Fly-Zone - a familiar term used on Iraq is being mentioned by western governments including Obama's White House.

The Noble Peace Prize winning US President who is Commander In Chief for the armies still invading Iraq & Afghanistan, spoke of No-Fly-Zone over Libya frequently in the past week. His government is bankrupt and he had been printing tons of worthless US dollars to fund his wars and pay the bills, therefore the US$102/barrel Libyan oil will really come in handy for Obama - in the name of Democracy. Thick Black Oily and Sticky Democracy that is!

I urge the world to monitor and watch it cautiously - for exploitative invasions in the name of Democracy / Freedom / Human Rights. It may be armed plundering and graft for Black & Oily natural resources instead of what it may appeared to be, and declared to be.

One Iraq is one too many.

It is wiser for the oppressed people to handle their national affairs by themselves paying the necessary prices, rather than having interventions conducted by foreign forces. Japanese had during WW2 invaded China in the name of assisting it's suffering people to REFORM. These foreign powers all have each their very own objectives and aims, no matter how Friendly they claimed to be.

Reform? Sure! But Cheap Short-Cuts? NO THANKS!


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