Sunday, March 27, 2011

Calling Independent Candidates to Contest

According to the situation as things stands for this moment, I estimate about 20 out of 87 seats to be WALKED OVER in the coming GE. :( This is a dynamic and fluid situation however. Until nomination day, we can still expect things to change.

I am aware of rather strong opposition candidates withholding as well as withdrawing from their original plans of candidacy, due to reasons within the oppositions itself the rather than anything to do with famiLEE LEEgime. Among the reasons, selfish and arrogant conducts of opposition leaders acting in styles that resembles PAp, does exist, and had pissed off candidates & other opposition parties. Widespread sentiment became obvious feeling that lack of adequate cooperation among opposition, and arising 3 corner scenario that is still not fully eliminated. Fortunately not everything is on the down side.

A dead lock condition exist when it comes to forming GRC teams, that the bigger than previous GE number of smaller opposition parties can not form as many GRC teams as they had intended to contest, and yet they are refusing to lend candidates to combine with other parties. All of them had wanted candidates from other parties to cross over to contest under their own party's name.

This selfish and myopic idea came from the ego of the leaders, who had considered for control over parliament seats in the event the GRC team wins. Because under famiLEE LEEgime's law, an MP stands to lose his seat when resigned from the party membership under which he had won that seat. Mr. Chiam had the same crisis when he was ousted from SDP, however then in 1992 LEEgime had closed one eye on this law and allowed Potong Pasir seat to be kept.

I am calling candidates who still can not firm up with the necessary GRC teams to contest as independent and combine with candidates from either other parties or those without any party membership. This is important. Ditch the party leaders' controls and you should be serving Singaporeans and voters instead of party leaders.

In my previous post on this blog, my video message already mentioned the importance:

I recapture the points again:

  • Nominate in ALL 87 seats as much as you can, you should give our voters their well deserved chance to cast votes, many have NOT VOTED in their entire life as rightful citizens!
  • Engage the LEEgime's election machine to it's maximum, tie up their battle resources; time; manpower; money and bandwidth. So that they can not have free resources to help their seriously endangered constituencies! Remember in 1997 Cheng San GRC (JBJ; Tang Liang Hong) Goh Choke Dong & Tony Tan had their free bandwidth to cover for Lee Yoke Suan's campaign because they both walked over! If we lid their own lame ass on fire then they won't be helping their friends any more!
  • Psychological pressure and causing tension within LEEgime.
  • Other important factors, I won't mention here in order not to prompt LEEgime.
I call also on Singaporeans to nominate and fund and assist all non-PAP candidates, and of course vote for them and vote without considering the backgrounds of them. This is strategy to pressure LEEgime, and this GE especially is the only chance. For those who wish to stand without any party membership, if you need help to tie up with others to form team I am willing to be your broker. Email me!

For the time being, I am aware of a vacancy for Indian Minority candidate needed for Tanjong Pagar GRC. ;) Stand up for Singapore Singaporean Indian Citizens! Go and meet LKy! I will back you!


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