Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Submission for No Case 19.Feb.2008

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I would make the submission for No Case against the prosecution under Public Entertainment Act in court in this morning.

In the very first place, the legislation of Public Entertainment Act is notoriously Unfair, Biased, Crocked, Abusive and Corrupted, which everyone knows that the court can do almost nothing about that. But this isn't entire true, because the court can still prevent the abuse of such act to hamper opposition politics, by dismissing this unconstitutional charge which is faced by Dr. CSJ & myself.

The legislation made all sorts of Exemptions, & Exceptions, that Street Hawking and Basking etc are all excluded from it's enforcements, famiLEE LEEgime's ministers and MPs are provided by the same act to grant exemptions to themselves & their colleges, until it reached such point that it became clear that such an act is only for the abusive purpose against opposition politics.

License will never be issue to opposition in particular such as SDP. The only meaningful purpose of making any application as such is only to prove that the licenses will never be approved.

I have proved in previous case beyond any doubt that I have absolutely no need nor intention to infringe such an act and and cooperated with enforcement, as well as I seek help from enforcement to conduct legitimate Election Activity as a lawful Election Agent under the election act, only to prove that enforcement had consistently provided no help, except filming my legitimate election activities from which they selected 8 incidents to file charges against Dr. CSJ & myself jointly.

The angle and intention is proven to be politically motivated and deliberate as well as evilly intentional.

Not just the legislation is corrupted, the enforcement is as well. Together they had efficiently made opposition politics ILLEGAL, by forcing me to have to either infringe their law or conduct no election activity for SDP. This is the other extension of famiLEE LEEgime's whole evil effort during GE2006 beside suing SDP for the huge defamation suit, over the NKF article published in The New Democrat which we well selling at that event in question in this case.

I was only making announcement regarding the progress of sales, and introducing the contents in The New Democrats which I was selling at that time, holding it in my hands, and the police video showed people buying from me. It was proven in the court that everything I said was referring to article s published in same issue of The New Democrats which old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew & his son sued SDP over.

The famiLEE LEEgime police put 8 charges against us under Public Entertainment Act, for the activities of sales of the same New Democrats, and nothing else.

As an Election Agent, I was selling The New Democrat just like any street hawker or basker to raise fund necessary for the campaign of GE2006. However the basker & street hawker don't face this sort of enforcement to not just be charged but followed and filmed by many famiLEE LEEgime police everywhere whenever we were selling The New Democrats.

In the police video I was merely only reading out articles from The New Democrats, asking people to buy it @S$2.00 to read & announce the starting / ending of our sales activities. It is proven that just only this, the famiLEE LEEgime gets so frightened, they sent police to follow and film us everywhere all over Singapore! The filed 8 charges against Dr. CSJ & myself and they sued SDP for The New Democrats.

If this is still not a politically motivated charge and politically motivated enforcement of law, then nothing is.

If the court does not want to become part of this political exercise of famiLEE LEEgime, these charges should be dismissed. And it shouldn't be my burden nor Dr. Chee's to answer these unfound, and cowardly crafted charges.

The famiLEE LEEgime is so fearful that their NKF scandal got attacked during GE2006, they are even more afraid for their corrupted collaborations with druglords & military junta in Myanmar got exposed. The fear the opposition got votes from mentioning NKF; CPF; Proverty and Ministerial Salaries scandals.

So fearful that they had to abuse defamation suit as well as Public Entertainment & Meetings Act.

This is shameful of the famiLEE LEEgime, as well as very corrupted abuse of powers.

The investigation officer ASP Jeremy Koh is very clear about my position, that I am conducting sales of The New Democrats as a part of legitimate election activity and Lee Kuan Yew is suing SDP over this issue of The New Democrats. I ask ASP Koh & many of his colleagues who identified themselves as police, I asked repeatedly about what in their opinion should I do or not do to conduct my activities which has no intention to break the law. ASP Koh & other police replied me that they are not in position to tell us that, they just wanted us to stop our activities, or else film us and charge us. In this particular case SIO Soon didn't even identify himself as police at the scene, but we asked the video camera man SSG Lam who denied that his is with the police.

The famiLEE LEEgime cowards are hiding behind state machineries including the police and public prosecutors, in their own fear they want us to stop selling The New Democrats cowardly. But it was the election time, and they were cowardly hiding away from issues, behind their lawyers and the state machineries. No only that they are not answering to the political issues, they were abusing powers to prevent us from communicating with the voters!

I call for the famiLEE LEEgime to be removed liquidated and the culprits punished, strongly, firmly, and move to reform for Republic of Singapore with full confidence, proudly and fearlessly. For the Republic of Singapore belongs to it's citizens, and not the PAp nor the famiLEE LEEgime, the ministers are the servants of the public and we are not their slaves. We fight for our rights as lawful citizens, for upright of justice, righteous law and un-contorted constitution. We fight to punish the corrupts and set proper example for our children.

This morning 10 am at subordinate court number 7, I will apply for this blog post to be printed out as my written submission for no case.


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