Sunday, February 17, 2008

Proof of BAD-FAITH & Abusive enforcement against SDP

[This post msg was previously prepared in Dec 2007, but I had deliberately kept it unpublished until now, trial continues tomorrow 18.Feb.2008 :-) ]

The filming angle of police video is one source of proof of their bad faith and abusive enforcement. In this post I will use Still shot captured from their videos to show this point.

The Public Entertainment & Meetings Act had always been so seriously abused by famiLEE LEEgime for political purpose and as tools, from the Legislation to the enforcement right through the judiciary. That they have:

  1. Political Film Act & Broadcast Act to block Podcast & Blogs especially during elections.
  2. Political Donation Act to kill opposition's funding sources.
On Google Video:

The video showed that that famiLEE LEEgime mata tried to avoid taking certain things into their video, including their own Investigating Officer. This poster of Dr CSJ's books is among things that the so called Crime Scene Officer who is responsible to collect evidence tried to miss with his video camera. He tried to deny the fact that it is a poster for Dr. CSJ's books which were being sold at the scene. He tried to convince the court that the SDP people were there to give speech and have no other activity, while the activity was indeed selling The New Democrat & Dr. CSJ's books to the public. He told court on the witness stand that he could not make out the name on this poster was Chee Soon Juan - acting blur in court!

The mata witnesses tried to deceive court that they could not make out what was Dr. CSJ holding in his hand. It was The New Democrat that we were selling. Just behind Dr CSJ the white shirt lady is SPH's reporter covering the Election. She interviews the member of public (the other lady with a copy of The New Democrat in her hand) in this scene. The police tried to deny that there were reporters on the scene, who were covering these Election Activities of SDP on that day. So called Crime Scene Officer denied he knows about media coverage, and he also tried to avoid reporters captured on his video tape. The way he shift his camera around and walked about to reposition himself showed his intention that he tried to avoid capturing something, while trying focus on others.

The Angle & Intention of Law Enforcement exercised by the famiLEE LEEgime matas is to frame the SDP.

Reporter still interviewing the lady with a copy of The New Democrat in her hand:

Still there near Chales Tan at the back of Dr CSJ:

The so called Crime Scene Officer at the first was trying to avoid taking video of me, and he was shifting to make me blocked by the lamp pole, as well as the couple in red in front of him. You have to play the video till this time frame to observe it: (It is very obvious that they were TARGETING Dr. CSJ)

Then the Crime Scene Officer ONLY BEGAN to stop avoiding to film me, after he heard my subject was strongly attacking the famiLEE LEEgime.

When I announced that there was a person who bought 25 copies of The New Democrat, to be distributed to those who could not afford it at S$2.00 per copy, the video camera held by this Crime Scene Officer ZOOM & Focused on the face of this person who bought 25 copies of The New Democrat!!! It is very obvious that he now want to capture the video on this person's face. I masked his face on this frame for my blog.

It is thus very clear that the famiLEE LEEgime's law enforcement is BIASED & POLITICALLY MOTIVATED. Full of intention to enforce law unfairly unequally and politically covering the interest of famiLEE LEEgime! You play back the video on Google to the time marks given here, you will be able to observe their evil intention quite easily. Lame bastards! But we are not afraid, they are SO CLOWN!

Reporter again this is SPH's photographer covering the election activities of SDP, and he later left with the other female reporter mentioned above, it is visible also in this tape.

Video camera faced ground, as the Crime Scene Officer walked to reposition himself several time, this is one of his moves, noted as first in the following sequence:

After moving to his new position, he started to shoot video again, and OOPS! He found his own Senior Investigator Charles Soon right in front! (Man in long sleeve holding handphone and a copy of The New Democrat in his hand WHICH HE DENIED ON WITNESS STAND!)

Quickly and nearly immediately, the Crime Scene Officer moved to new position. He obviously want to avoid capturing his own Senior Investigating Officer Charles Soon on his video!

Now he is further away from Senior Investigator Charles Soon, but still can see him! I recognized him in the court and caught them, after which Charles Soon had to admit that it was himself, but he still repeatedly denied that he was holding a copy of The New Democrat in his hands. He could not admit this because in his own earlier testimony he tried to deceive court that he have no knowledge of anything SDP was selling at the Woodlands MRT Station, as he was misleading the court that SDP was there only to give speech!

Oops! Still can see Charles Soon! So the video camera mata quickly moved away further again:

On extreme left of the frame below, the SPH photographer & female reporter walked together away (towards right of frame - you can see in video) they left after interviewing Dr. CSJ. It was captured on vidoe that they interviewed Dr. CSJ. But the mata witnesses denied all about knowing it.

Photographer now on extreme right, after walking in above frame.

This is something else that famiLEE LEEgime mata tried to avoid taking video of, but still visible at several spot of the video - a young man basking with electronic music keyboard (Public Entertainment Act). He wear a light brown cap and a blue T-shirt with white collar & white line on his sleeve. Standing not far from the SDP people. On extreme right of the following frame:

Basking young man playing music in center of the frame;

Still there, center near right of the frame:

Still there, center near right of the frame:

This is making it very obvious, that public entertainment act is not enforced on Street Basking persons, on the same day, at the same place, at the same time, but just only SELECTIVELY and POLITICALLY ENFORCED AGAINST THE SDP during their activity for the General Election period then.

The famiLEE LEEgime's mata stupidly try to mislead the court, and insisted that they believed that their own surveillance were not noticed by the SDP, even after their filming Video Guy (Crime Scene Officer) were being challenged by SDP candidate (voice recorded in his own video and case transcript) to ask weather he is from the police or ISD!

Many times, SDP people deliberately walked in front of his video camera to sell The New Democrat. Even from far our guys spotted him filming still, and was showing and pointing at him filming to show among ourselves that the clown is still there filming! What a good laugh!

Charles Tan in this frame below was pointing to show me where is the clown:

Charles Tan pointing again to show others where is the video clown:

We all look over to laugh at the clown:

Still the clown told the court that he believed that he managed to keep his surveillance secretive and unnoticed by the SDP! Clearly trying to mislead the court and fool himself. The judge also saw these video, who is he trying to bluff?

There is just a bunch of liars on the witness stand clearly lying on oath, and they had even testified against each other's lies in the court, and the intention of tempering witnesses as well as misleading court already became very clear. If they don't put their own liar matas in jail, it would only further show that court is corrupted beyond doubt!

The above are all still shots captured from mata video DVD which is a case evidence used by famiLEE LEEgime to charge me and Dr CSJ for speaking without Public Entertainment License.

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