Monday, June 07, 2010

Dutch man exposed Ah Seng MRT Security FALSEHOOD

Jun 7, 2010


Swiss monitoring graffiti case

Oliver Fricker

So face the judgment of truth now Ah Seng.

If he can do it, JI also can install bombs in MRT trains at their depots, or can they? How many more vulnerable security loopholes can you pretend to be covering?

Oliver exposed that your Ostrich Ass is still exposed high up in the air, while you continue to pretend to be secured.

Quick Ah Seng! You can still beat JI to it! Deploy all your Gurkha Guards all over MRT Depots and have your matas search all the Ang Moh's bags for paints! Don't just search for MSK! Search for Micheal Fay as well!


Get your K9 dogs to sniff MRT undercarriages every morning, that's where the bombs are!

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