Monday, March 17, 2008

Activists Protested in Cantonment Police Complex!

Yes! famiLEE LEEgime Tak Boleh Tahan!

11 of the 12 arrested activists protested together in Cantonment mata-chu of famiLEE LEEgime and it worked!

This is the most exciting event I have seen so far, but I need to discuss with other activists regarding consideration of revealing further details for my later posts.

I was the 1st f the 12 activists being physically dragged away, WITHOUT TELLING ME WHAT IS THE CHARGE, despite my repeated demands. Lame famiLEE LEEgime used 3 female matas in white T-shirts and assisted by one male plain clothe mata to drag me away.

I staged a hunger-strike in Cantonment Mata-Chu, for about 30hrs, refusing all the food since the arrest until Monday morning, when I need to take a medicine after about 30hrs, which was a pill that can not be taken empty stomach, so I took a small piece of bread which is the only food I took in Cantonment Mata-Chu.

After taking medicine I was taking to famiLEE LEEgime's Subordinate Court to attend a chamber meeting with Dr. CSJ, which was with the DPP & the judge to discuss the delayed schedule. Part of the reason of this delay was our arrest on Saturday, which took away time needed for us to prepare replies to prosecution's submissions.

Later I was kept in Sub Court until afternoon when I was charged 2 charges for Saturday's event, I think I am so far the only person charged under Chp 184 5(4)(b) for Tak Boleh Tahan event: MAC1294-2008 ILEEgal Assembly & MAC1295-2008 ILEEgal Procession.

I left court before 5pm today.

The arrested activists are all in high spirits at the Cantonment mata-chu, we were joking, laughing about Mas Selamat Ke-Lari, doing pumping exercises and planing activities, we were even singing the We Shall Overcome song aloud. When given the dinner, I was the only person who refuse to accept the food. Because at that point of time, the mata kept Siok Chin way from our sight & I knew that they were doing something to try and put pressure on her. So I demanded to talk to her, and I told mata that I would not eat until we can talk to Siok Chin.

Later mata revealed that we were all offered bail to leave, it was a trick, because they did not revealed that they wanted to keep her further and just release only the 11 guys. We double checked and the mata failed to double cross us. All of us immediately rejected the bail offer and refuse to leave the mata-chu without Siok Chin, this was our very stern and determined protest.

In about 30 mins, mata told us that we could all leave together including Siok Chin. Then we insist to see her signing the bail form and be the 1st one to leave. The mata won't let the activists leave in a group because I think they spied our conversation and found out that we want to sing We Shell Over Come song all the way out.

I saw all the other 11 activists out one by one shaking hands with them, the last 2 persons to leave were Seelan & KaiSiong, after all of them left I still sternly refused to sign the bail. And demanded to hunger-strike within the famiLEE LEEgime's mata lock-up.

They offered me police bail and person bond etc, but I insisted to reject them all.

5 hours after the others have left the poor IO Insp Yew Ai Choo (male) were still remaining inside the lock-up with me persuading me to leave. I was a loooong talk.

All the matas were reasonable and nice to me inside the Cantonment mata-chu. However not all the other activists get the same treatment. I observed 2 cocky arrogant matas : One Botak Chinese whose name included a Wong I think, and one Indian mata Sxxxxx Gandhison. I am gathering info to file complains against this 2 matas. They picked people to bully, I know about 2 to 3 activists faced some rough treatments. I will not reveal until a discussion between us.

In fact I felt so at home inside Cantonment mata-chu and the matas felt like my nagging mom, kept asking me to HAVE MEAL & GO HOME. Beside Insp Yew who spent 5 hours doing that, they sent a rotation of matas into my lock up cell throughout the 32hour more, every 30mins sometime, checking on my well being, and kept reminding me to take the food they offered and reminding that I can go home any time. I accepted only drinks including water and tea. I told them I will start to eat only on Monday morning which is today. I did exactly what I promised and ate a small piece of bread before having medicine that treats my gouty toe.

I have video of the event to be posted soon :-)

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