Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After weeks of repeated reports LEEgime LTA finally took action against Pedestrian Death Trap

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I took a video this evening to reflect that improvement had finally been done after few years of problematic and dangerous conditions, and after few weeks of persistent reporting made against this crisis of public safety.


The situation of human congestion which was very bad at the center road divider zone was no longer seen in the past few days after LTA did some improvements during last week. I can say that the risk of death of pedestrian is reduced now to a more acceptable level.

My video showed quite a lot of risking jay-walking by pedestrians but these are not the main issue still. 

As another new MRT station is up-coming here at Bugis, pedestrian traffic is expected to increase, I still strongly urge LTA to implement a pedestrian tunnel to replace this traffic light crossing, for the benefit of pedestrian and safety in longer term.

There is still a slight issue, that a few more meters of railing opposite the one side which had already been removed, can be further removed, to get better effects. I had indicated this and showed the remaining problem within this video itself.

I spend only less than a minute now to cross this crossing myself, as compared against the average or 15 mins in many previous occasions over the years.