Sunday, December 25, 2011

Anti-Fraud Poll Monitoring is More Important Than so called Secrecy

Singaporean poll practices a Hypocritical form a Secrecy which bans surveys and obstructed necessary Monitoring, as a result a thick and safe for famiLEE LEEgime Vail covered any possible Discovery of Frauds. I am pointing out as person with experience in many past elections as Polling Agents & Counting Agents and organiser to raise funds for elections.

I am pointing out that also as a person who prepared videos to help train the Polling & Counting Agent for Singaporean elections.

I can point out besides these, that I had directly confronted famiLEE LEEgime against the Integrity of their polls that they had openly abused Billions of Dollars to BUY VOTES, beyond any doubts.

There is an Excellent Comparison provided by what recently happened in Russian Duma poll in which Frauds were accused, investigated and reported as well as strongly protested.

It is much more Opened & Truthful in Russia than Singapore, that frauds are admitted and reported openly, and their leaders and demanded for clear & opened monitoring against future frauds, while in Lee Kuan Yew's CLEAN-CLEAN Singapore, they just denied what is so obvious and act dumb and act blur to dodge accusations which they simply could not answer to.

The famiLEE LEEgime's electoral legislations prevents any exit poll and abused the principal of Secrecy to obstruct monitoring against fraud, while all other countries moves clearly towards more poll Transparency rather then Secrecy. This is important point that I am highlighting right now.

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Russia's Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee have presented Dmitry Medvedev with an interim report on violations committed during campaigning and voting in the December 4 State Duma elections.
The document shows Moscow leading the field on the number of registered violations.
"The largest number of violations was recorded in Moscow (462), the Stavropol territory (96), the Samara region (88), the Sverdlovsk region (80), and the Novosibirsk region (64),” the Kremlin website reports.
All in all, the police drew up 2,091 administrative reports during the recent election campaign. So far, 53 criminal cases have been launched in 27 Russian constituencies.

Putin eyes total anti-fraud webcam surveillance of polling stations

Published: 15 December, 2011, 12:29
Putin eyes total public surveillance of polling stations (RIA Novosti / Aleksandr Kryazhev)
Putin eyes total public surveillance of polling stations (RIA Novosti / Aleksandr Kryazhev)
TRENDS: Election 2012

In response to opposition allegations that parliamentary elections were rigged, Prime Minister Putin says all polling stations in Russia should be fitted with constantly-streaming webcams. It will make the process absolutely transparent for everyone.
“I suggest and request that the Central Election Commission set up web cameras in all polling stations – we have more than 90,000 of those – and let them work round the clock. Let the country watch it all on the internet,” he said.
Last week Moscow saw the largest opposition rally in Russia’s modern history, with tens of thousands of people attending. The demonstrators said the election results, which gave about half of the seats in the Russian parliament to the ruling United Russia party, were rigged. They demanded an investigation of alleged fraud and a new, fair election.
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