Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ask Lui Tuck Yew weather a load passenger train can work as a tow truck?

A question for Lui Tuck Yew minister for Transport:

Is the use of a fully loaded (peak hour) MRT Train as a tow truck or tug boat to push another broken down train is SAFE and APPROPRIATE?

I am asking as a citizen and SMRT Passenger on that broken down train at Kallang MRT Station this evening about 1753hr. 

I took this video, and wrote the following recollections:
The train was not showing any sign of abnormality all the way from Tanah Merah Station. Until right there at Kallang platform, it could not move after the station's stop and closing doors. The door re-opened after 10sec from closing. Then closed again. I tot some one caught in the door but the 10sec abit long than usual when someone caught in the door usually within 2-3secs it reopened.
Then after re-closing it failed to move. I started get the idea of Bad Kang Tau 孬空头 coming.
Then train farted out compressed air. Relays clicking. Few mins past. Can not move still.
Confirmed Bad Kang Tau 孬空头. I ponder weather to video it from inside cabin or not. But decided not to because the scene there and then will look too normal showing nothing much unusual. I knew that was starting of peak hours, and the driver must be reporting fault to control asking hind trains to stop or slow down, during then 2 mins of no-action in the attempts to fix train.
I told myself KNN, the control better know how to stop the hind train or else... this train will get rear ramped like the famous fucking Clementi Station case. So I checked around and prepared my own moves in case got fucked by hind train.
Then driver seemed to have RESET the train like OFF/ON except for the lightings, the A/C fan went off for 10 secs and came back on. Still the train won't move.
Then the next attemp was to open the doors again. Failed at 1st. 40 secs later doors opened. Immediately driver announced the train can not proceed and told us to get off ASAP.
On the platform, the station staff was still optimistic, they announced (wrongly) that we can take the next train very soon. I told myself - my foot! Sure enough within 3 mins the sign board changed to DO NOT BOARD from Joo Koon 1 Min.
I walked off and out of station. The gate staff said the trip is cancelled no need to scan card. Will refund.
Then I started to film the trapped passengers of hind train from outside station.
When the hind train started to creep forward, I knew they had to bump push the faulty train. So I cross opposite the road to film from better angle.
Meanwhile I was still worried that another train come behind and ramp fuck these trains.
I left after the bump push was completed. Some how still thinking that was Aljunied Station. So I posted ASAP stating the wrong station name.
I am prepared to offer a statement if LTA wants to investigate.

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