Friday, December 16, 2011

Is MRT incompetent more live threatening than Terrorism?

A hundred thousand passengers had been affected by MRT train disrruption of 5 hours yesterday in famiLEE LEEgime's so called First World's Best Land Transportation System claimed. The lost of service affected actually over a million commuters, but dozens of thousands were stuck for a prolonged period of pains, and thousands were trapped in pitch dark and poorly ventilated tunnels.

While disruptions may be inevitable in rare occasions, prolonged stranding is not acceptable at all. This is considered against their usual propagandas of quality and safety, and they frequently staged so called Emergency Exercises and Evacuation Drills.

Proven yesterday that these drills for shows and propagandas are just nothing but usual famiLEE LEEgime falsehoods - very unsurprisingly.

Now we had seen the result of a realistic test.

They are incompetent. Indecisive Slow Coward Kiasu & Kiasi causing overall situation to be for the very worse.

Yesterday was only a technical fault, no terrorism, no sabotage.

But the results from yesterday convinced us that the fate of passengers would had been 1000X worse if MRT had been deliberately attacked or sabotaged to cause emergencies. The reason is clear as crystal - incompetency.

  • The tunnels have Lights but not turned on as soon as they became necessary. 
  • The Administrative Orders deprived trapped passengers of vital ventilation, by not allowing doors be opened.
  • The Evacuations was badly delayed due to poor decision making.

There will be more, when we dig into it. These are the obvious for now.

Imagine what would be the passengers fate if there were explosions fire flame smoke etc within tunnel? The death toll  would be way higher than the terrorists' most optimistic expectations because of Incompetency of MRT.

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