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LEEgime's $FINE$ City stopped working! Even Malaysian PRs don't pay, Party @ Changi Hotel Full House

I can tell tax-payers a bad news: When LEEgime's $FINE$ City stopped working = You Pay! That is because people stopped paying their $fines$ to LEEgime and just go check-in to Changi Hotel, I am doing so for political reasons, but there thousands more doing for basically Economic & Financial Reasons. I saw this all inside LEEgime's Cluster B prison, very HAPPENING THERE EVERY DAY especially Friday Nights!

Since CNY turning down some supporters kind offers to pay $fines$ to LEEgime, I had checked in to Cluster B prison 3 times for a total of 5 weeks. I have a special reservation there and a frequent fly club membership privilege! :D I always get the same cell #B2-428. I just checked out this morning, and my prison number this time (7days) is S023492011. You can buy 4D?! ;)

The sad thing is not only $fine$ is so popular, the long sentences number had over run this year from L999xyz2010 to L000abc2011 already! 1st letter L for long sentences over 12 months, S for short sentences and R for remand. Those not paying fines are usually in the short sentences categories. There are blocks within Custer B, (B1; B2;B3;B4;B5), 10 years and above & death rows are in Cluster A.

Every Friday is party at Day Room 2, Housing Unit 1, B2, Cluster B. 100% Full House!

Now not just Singaporeans, Malaysian PRs are not paying their e.g. smoking $fine$ to LEEgime. The prison's daily Lights-Off is 9PM, but each of the 5 Fridays I was there, they Extended Happy Hour to beyond 11PM. Not only no Lights-Off, the so called Cookies (Housing Unit Attendants = inmates with long sentences employed @only S$4.60/WEEK) do extra OT without @only S$4.60/WEEK salaries againstWKS / Shanmugum!

Basically batch by batch the new inmates will be admitted by bus load from district courts - Night Courts 13-N & 26-N and by a rotation scheduled they will fall into Day Room 2 of HU1 each Friday, on other days, they will be admitted else where I can not see. The B2 have HU1&2&3 on different levels, each HU have Day Room 1&2&3. Supposedly, the rotation schedule is to fight SARS & H1N1 Swine Flu, that new inmates are quarantined for 3 days by batch, before further transfer in accordance with their nationality & length of sentence.

Full House in a Day Room @ 3-4 inmates per cell is about 2 bus-load between 75-100 persons.

I tell you, it is very busy! The inmates, are so excited and happy to check in to Changi Hotel - I am no exaggerating! They talks; they joke; they are given sandwich for dinner; they change to FOC Changi Hotel provided clothes; they are issued with boxes and personal items; the Malays will sing song like Taufak from Singapore Idols, beating their box covers like percussion! The Ah-Guas & Gays happily screaming like monkeys and giggled like girls; They share their court case stories and prison stories! I can hardly find sad faces except some foreign over-stayers who face rotans. There are Bah-Bah (medics from Raffles Medical Group) to medical check them FOC! There are HU attendants working like Changi Hotel Bell-Hops to ashier them into their 5 star cells, (quasi-Air-Conditioned 26-27 deg C temperature setting) , they will bath; argue; KPKB; eat; drink; joke; shout; bang-wall; bang steel cell doors; shit and urine and flushing the world's loudest toilets until about near mid-nite, even Lights-Off still very excited and happy. Not forgetting our Taufaks singing Singapore Idol Serenade & Ah Bengs' Box percussion Lion Dances!

Many of the sentences are just few hundred dollars fine, or below S$4K. There is a Singaporean uncle who released this morning together with me (& checked in also on same day) , the RO returned him properties (handphones etc) with S$5000+ cash. He spent 1 week in jail, and saved the cash he originally brought to court to pay $fine$ to LEEgime. I am unsure weather his sentence was $fine$ or just imprisonment, but the end result is the same!

Tax Payers paid instead of the convicted person! Yes! Thank you for the $fine$ Changi Hotel!

LEEgime's $FINE$ City is not making money any more!

And I can tell you tax payers, they are still renovating the brand new prison which just opened by WKS 2010. The renovation contractors also work overtime, I could hear renovation sounds until 10PM, the last 2 nights! They are spending your Tax Dollars to make Changi Hotel better for those convicted!

I think the imprisonment in default of $fine$, is self-defeating system, I propose to pose-LEEgime government to REFORM it. Change it to a constructive work order or social service system. Like the over-stayers who came to plunder jobs from our economies, you give them rotan also cost us Tax $Dollars$! I heard rumors in prison that the Incentive for Prison Officers to whack rotan on people's backside is S$5 per stroke! Typical Over-Stayer gets 3-6 strokes costing Tax Payers S$15-S$30 per ass! We should make them work for our tax payers to recover our lost jobs and lost MOM levy which they had plundered, instead of keeping them in Changi Hotels fed; housed; health-cared; clothed and laundry room-service provided FOC!

To close this blog posting, I throw in another unrelated scandal as titbits or my readers:

Ministers' homes are UNSAFE! Chinese Corrupted Officers are MOST AFRAID of House Burglars; SGP Minister should be most afraid of their BODY GUARDS instead of Mr. Dato Ong Kah Chua! Why?

In a Prison Limo that fetched me from Court to Changi Hotel, I sat with a Chinese man age about 35, sentenced to 16 months for HOUSE-BREAKING, we chat all the way to Changi Hotel. He was a regular Police Officer from Police Security Commands, which means the House Breaking (picha roma) thief was ministers' body guard!



BTW, Indian PM Indra Ghandi was also assassinated by her own body-guards.

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