Saturday, April 02, 2011

bipolar treatments to Gaddafi by the west proved something important

GSomething very important for Singaporeans to learn how to friends with the Western Powers, directly from the currently on going wars in Libya started by US & NATO led by French. This are what I will use to illustrate the contrast:

Google's Link showing Videos of Gaddafi as Guest of Honor in Paris

Google's Link showing Video of Gaddafi as Guest of Honor in New York

Blog URL showing how London treated Gaddafi as Guest of Honor

Australian News on Gaddafi's Bedouin Tent in New York

Reuters News on Gaddafi's Tent in New Jersey

Bloomberg News URL on Gaddafi's Tent in Paris

Basically, the aboves proved that Govts of Western Powers will pitch luxury Bedouin Tents for Gaddafi & his team of sexy female body guards, when he was VIP in the capitals, as Gaddafi the son of deserts will only live in tents and not other buildings. He will get this VIP treatments when especially the West trade arms for his Libyan Oil.

In parallel I would like Singaporeans to consider Saddam Hussien, who was one USA's best friend when Washington needed him to war Iranian Ayatollah in 8 years of Iran-Iraq war.

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