Saturday, September 06, 2008

Justice for M Ravi - the lack of action from us

Like I wrote before on Mr. JB Jeyaretnam that despite his own profound legal background as a District Court Judge, High Court Judge, The Registrar of Supreme Court, a senior law practitioner and law maker at Republic of Singapore Parliament, and that his son Mr. Philip Jeyaretnam was the president of Singapore Law Society, Mr. JBJ suffered grief injustice under famiLEE LEEgime's so called judiciary system to an unbelievable extend. This is not an opinion from a layman of law such as myself, but this is the opinion from London's Privy Council written in their judgment in which they over turned decision of famiLEE LEEgime's court and put Mr. JBJ back into the parliament from which old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew had kicked Mr. JBJ out.

The same misfortune of injustice under famiLEE LEEgime had fallen on another lawyer Mr. M Ravi who like Mr. JBJ contributed much in fighting against the LEEgime's injustice itself:

I witnessed Ravi's mistrial today in court

Who else had Mr M Ravi took on recently

famiLEE LEEgime Arrested & Charged M Ravi to White-Wash itself

It is impossible to deny Mr. Ravi's great contributions and helps he rendered to so many people all these years. Beside the injustice he suffered from the famiLEE LEEgime, it is only fair for me to say that those who had benefited from Mr. Ravi's contributions including myself had done far too little in proportion to help Mr. Ravi at time of his needs.

Few people know such facts:

In end 2006 at the court of appeal when Mr. Ravi faced suspension hearing, I was on trial with Dr. CSJ for GE2006 speech. The court was filled by some law students etc, but I was the only friend of Ravi who accompanied him to that hearing before CJ Chan & 2 other supreme court judges that led to his one year suspension. The other activists were at the sub court attending the trial that was for me & Dr CSJ. I went with Mr. Ravi because he was all alone to face all his strongest enemies and meet a bad fate in his highly passioned legal career. I was later arrested for not being in my own trial, when sub court issued a warrant against me. No regret on my part at all.

On 18.Aug.2008 when Mr. Ravi was ordered to remand in IMH, the entire court room was filled with black-suit clad lawyers. However, none of them will represent and defend Mr. Ravi! He had to defend himself for having his own un-sound mind! How ridiculous! Who were Mr. Ravi's friends at that hearing? Just only Mr. Gopalan Nair & myself, no others! SDP's miss Chee came early in the morning but left when trial was stood down. Mr. Gopalan was actually on his own trial in another court (6) and when his trial was stood down I brought him to Ravi's trial which was on the same floor.

Have we failed Mr. Ravi? Have we all gave proportional bilateral assistance to him after we receive so much of his contributions, at the time of his most desperate needs?

On 17.Aug.2008; 18.Aug.2008; 1.Sept.2008 & today 5.Sept.2008 Mr. Ravi kept asking his activist friends to stage protest against his incarceration & injustice suffered. None had done any so far. I personally promise to Ravi in high court today, that I will protest even if it would be just a one man protest. I plan to do in middle of next week. Theme of my protest is very simple - RELEASE RAVI. Activists who think you should also do at least a gesture to support Mr. Ravi please, you know how to get in touch with me. The famiLEE LEEgime had kept him in IMH for already 3 weeks. He told court that he was being treated badly in IMH, and only improved after he complained to court. Court did ordered an investigation report against Mr. Ravi's complain of bad treatments.

Today in high court, it was confirmed that Mr. Ravi went and filed criminal motion against Sri Marianman Temple & Hindu Endowment Board to allege corruption from Hindu community's funds on 8.August.2008 just before National Day. His motion got rejected by high court, and then, he got arrested few days later on 11.August.2008 for something that happened on 3.August.2008 at Majid Jamae mosque.

On 1.sept.2008 at the court I found that Mr. Ravi was wearing a pair of broken eye glass, according to his statement in court, was result of struggling with mata in IMH. I took it from him and sent to optical shop in People's Park to get it fixed. :-) I waited till 11:30am for the shop to be opened.

I saw that Mr. Ravi was very calm in court and fully able to conduct himself professionally and legally in court. However the famiLEE LEEgime treated him like a very dangerous criminal such as murderer to had his arms both tied to his chest and legs tied together, exactly like how Tok Leng How the executed Malaysian who was convicted for Huang Na's famous murder case. Mr. Ravi was tied up like that in High Court sitting inside a very secured glass holding bay throughout his entire hearing in high court today. How Kia-Su & Kia-Si is famiLEE LEEgime?

Would M Ravi flee like Mas Selamat? Would he abscond like Thug-Sin? Why they had tight him up in this way?

I was being hauled from Queen Town Remand Prison (for my GE2006 speech) to high court when Attorney General Chamber applied for bankruptcy order against me, I was only handcuffed only on my left wrist to a bar near my seat. I am surprised & pissed to see what they were doing to Mr. M Ravi today. I am going to protest.