Monday, August 11, 2008

famiLEE LEEgime Arrested & Charged M Ravi to White-Wash itself

This morning between 10am to 11am, human rights lawyer Mr M Ravi was arrested in his own office and charged in Court 26 at about 4pm. I was informed and attended his mentioning in Court 26 at about 5pm.

Mr. Ravi face 2 charges, including disorderly behavior and disrupting religious ceremony at Hindu Temple of Sir Marianman (Temple Street China Town). This was for an incident happened on 3.Aug.2008 (Sunday) at the Hindu Temple. However, the famiLEE LEEgime's mata did not arrest nor summoned Mr. Ravi for any such investigation during the many days lapsed including National Day. I recalled Mr. Ravi telling me last week that he was assaulted at the temple before many witnesses, as I was on trial then with Dr. CSJ daily for the last 4 weeks, I had not much idea what happened at that temple.

As far as I know Mr. Ravi sued the temple for discrimination last year. His passport was lost in the temple's locker causing him to miss an important international human rights meeting held in Honk Kong. He was very pissed, and policed were called, and he issued lawyers' latter to temple regarding this matter. He had been a devotee in this temple for very long time but have lots of strong disagreement with temple's management.

The famiLEE LEEgime asked the judge to commit Mr. Ravi to Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for remand claiming that at Time of Arrest Mr. Ravi was of unsound mind. However, just only hours after his arrest, I saw Mr. Ravi in court conducting himself clearly and normally. The judge released Mr. Ravi on S$8000 bail.

Mr. Chia Ti Lik & M/S Violet Netto (sharing law office with Mr. Ravi) represented Mr. Ravi in court, Mr Ravi's family relative was the bailer. Mr. Ravi's client and several activist including SDP's Miss Chee Siok Chin were in court witnessing the trial.

The famiLEE LEEgime's usual ISD from Pheonix Park also turned up in the rather empty court. The members of public were held in a queue outside awaiting to enter the court 26N.

The real reason for famiLEE LEEgime arresting Mr. M Ravi however, is I think to White Wash their own scandals. Mr. Ravi filed a Criminal Motion against the temple 2 days ago. This happened several days after 3.Aug.2008. I had NOT read his criminal motion's papers, but accordingly Mr. Ravi took to court the Hindu Trustee for corruption (NKF & RenCi Style?) of huge funds, and he listed Lee Kuan Yew, and S R Nathan as well as Commissioner of Police in his summons. He listed treasonable collaboration of Nathan & Lee Kuan Yew with Japanese occupation army which slaughtered many Singaporeans.

High Court denied that Mr. Ravi's Criminal Motion was correctly filed, except for the affidavit portion of it. Before Mr. Ravi could rectify this, 5 plain clothe policemen entered his office and arrested him. Most interesting thing is identical to the situation of Mr. Anwar Ibrahim, the famiLEE LEEgime's mata video recorded entire process from beginning to end of his arrest - non-stop filming like in Speakers' Cornered (WB/IMF 16.Sept.2006).

The want the public to have the impression that Mr. Ravi is of unsound mind, just like Mr. Boon Suan Ban who accused Yong Pang How of cheating him million dollars of commission and Mr. Robert Ho who insist that vote rigging in Cheng San GRC 1997 General Election. The famiLEE LEEgime White-Wash their own filthy scandals by committing the whistle blowers into mental hospital to discredit their accusations.

The accusations made by Mr. M. Ravi of treasonable crimes against Lee Kuan Yew & S R Nathan are punishable by death under British Colonial Laws. This is much more serious than anything Singapore had ever seen.

Mr. Ravi is extra vulnerable to face character assassination via this means because he was admitted to Adam Road hospital in 2006. This is again similar with Mr. Anwar's previous conviction and imprisonment for sodomy.

Although I don't fully agree with Mr. Ravi's version of figures and numbers, but generally he got the essential matters right. I urge international human rights watch group to watch over this matter and query the famiLEE LEEgime regarding Mr. Ravi's well being and see to it that he is not mistreated by famiLEE LEEgime.

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Clarification: As charges against Mr. Ravi was already read in Court 26 before I arrived in court, I did not hear the charges and hence had no idea that charges were made not regarding Sri Marianman Temple (Hindu) but Majid Jamae (Muslim) instead. The 2 places are not the same but apart only by one street. I did not expect Mr. Ravi to have much to do with that mosque near to his most frequently worshiped temple, as Ravi is known to me to be a Hindu and not Muslim. There is an error in this post regarding the place of worship where Mr. Ravi's charges was made against him, it was my wrong assumption. I didn't hear the charges being read in court, and had only received copies of charges the next day, which I had posted HERE.

Location map of Sri Marianman Temple
Location map of Masjid Jamae