Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Press Release from Reform Party Chairman Mr. Ng

Press Release


Ng Teck Siong

Chairman of Party

What is all these argument on our constitution? It is a shame on the part of the law-makers that is the members of Parliament to allow such a situation of whether to hold a by-election or not in Bukit Batok which is in the Group Representation Constituency of Jurong to be pending. This confusing situation or contradictory laws in our constitution should not have happen if the law-makers in our parliament have done their work properly as representatives of the people in parliament. Isn’t we have being boasting and trumpeting to the whole world we have first world government and first class parliament in Singapore. That our ministers are of super talents and that they should be paid the average salaries according to the benchmarks of top class company CEO salaries in G8 industrialised nations. We in the Reform Party are very surprise by this situation.

We in the Reform Party demand the government immediately hold the by –election in the Jurong GRC to get thing done straight and simple correctly without any more excuses. The PAP government must without fail hold this by-election or their credibility and respectability will be questioned by the citizens of Singapore for being scared to allow them to choose their own members of Parliament. The Reform Party and the people of Singapore hold certain principles of democratic government very dearly. That under such government, the laws and policies must be fair, just and right to govern them. Singaporeans from all walks of life should not be denied the application of these principles which should be expressed clearly in the constitution to uphold their rights under the system of democracy. Any contradiction in the laws between the Constitution and the Parliamentary Election Act should be amended to so that the rights of the voters of Bukit Batok is restored quickly.

If no by-election being held or any delay in holding the by-election, the just rights of voters of Jurong GRC are denied. The unfortunate consequence is that their voices in Parliament are shut and no amount of excuses and reasons can explain away that they have been discriminated and treated as an unequal citizens. Let us not forget, the voters in this GRC do pay their taxes, and they and their sons serve in the National Service and contribute towards the economic prosperity of Singapore. They deserve the same representation in the parliament by electing their own representatives, nothing less and nothing more just as everyone Singapore needs to be treated equally. We in the Reform Party believe that no one should take away their rights.

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