Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Urgent & Critical msg to Opposition Parties on 3 corner fights & Tg Pagar GRC

I recorded a video message 0720hr Tuesday 26.Apr.2011 a day before nomination. As Mr. Ng Teck Siong & SDA /PKMS combination team failed to contest Tg Pagar GRC of Lee Kuan Yew.

Urgently coordinate today to pull out 5 candidates from 5 SMC 3 corners to field a new replacement team for Tg Pagar 5-men GRC. You have time. You have the chance. You can do it. You MUST DO SO.

This is a once in 50 years contest. You don't want 3 corners, you don't want LKy to walkover for obvious reasons. If you failed to do so, voters will be angry. I will be angry. I would be considering to make a call to voters of all 3 corner SMCs to spoil votes if you failed to eliminate 3 corners, I am not doing this now, because I trust that you opposition parties' leadership knows what to do and can rightly do so for Singapore.

Thank you!

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I know that dozen of supporters are responding to calls to give funds, we received some of that already. But not fast enough. 26.April is last day. Because 27th is nomination there is no time to do anything else. Thank you! Thank you Singaporeans! I can feel it! So different from previous GE! We are making history! We can get there!


To save us time, buy CASHER ORDER payable to Accountant-General (& have it certified by bank) and contact us, we will pay it into Treasury Building MOF, and you will receive the refund a week or so after poll, unless 3 corner, this GE we will not lose deposit. There is no 3 corner in GRCs.