Saturday, April 16, 2011

Signapore General Elections 2011 Socialist Front (Barisan Socialist) Press Statement on 15.Aprial.2011

Press conference recorded un-cut and raw and behind the scene, by uncleyap at Socialist Front party office on 15.April.2011 Sec Gen Chia Ti Lik announcing the front's position in GE2011. Please pay attention to the angle of local media's questions, they are obviously not up to putting opposition in good light. Compare those against questions posted by myself.

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I will have my own related public statement regarding this, I plea for All Singaporean Voters TOGETHER NOW to do something meaningful for this GE, minimize the 3 corner and leave no GRCs un-nominated. There is actually something each of you can do to help, and you must do it. I will let you all know tomorrow.

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