Saturday, April 23, 2011

1st ever REAL GENERAL Election of Singapore, do your part!

famiLEE LEEgime had been always childish for all their fetish World First or #1.

I am sure Singaporeans are now proud for this FIRST, the 1st Ever REAL GENERAL Election in SGP. Why?

Because all the past Elections are only PARTIAL ELECTIONS e.g. the GE2006 only 47/84 constituencies' Singaporeans had a chance to go to vote. I meant Walk-Over are not counted. It is only GENERAL enough when ALL Singaporeans have chance to go to poll, that is only the REAL GENERAL election, the rest are just PARTIAL ELECTIONS since more than half usually can not go to vote. :-)




This afternoon 1300HR the GATE OF CONTEST is shut already, yes nomination is 27th but famiLEE LEEgime's cheatings includes this trick:

By 1pm today, any potential candidates who had not yet submitted Political Donation Forms, will not be accepted for nomination. This is the 1st layer of gate, 2nd layer of gate is by noon 27th if your S$16,000 deposit isn't received then your nomination is considered as withdrawn!

There is no official figures release by our 1st world election dept, nor our 1st world MSM media, and I had just before writing this blog post, ring up ST and prompted the Political Desk to obtain the official figures from Election Dept, this HISTORIC RECORD FIGURE in SG history.

My own estimate, either precisely 87 PAp or with few extra / spare had submitted Political Donation Forms. Close to 100 non-PAP in my estimation. Yes, for 1st damn time in history we beat the PAp in numbers, we have 3 corners, we have more than 87 candidates, we also have several spares. I personally headhunted for such spare and fill-in candidates, at least 2 of them are members of Sammyboy.Com forum, but 1 dropped out because the wife objected.

OK, listen here Singaporeans, show your support on nomination day, go to each and everyone of the 9 nomination centers, cheer for our candidate! PAp had always Out Numbered Us in the past, they filled up each nomination center with hundreds of White Pants and Shirts, Sickening! Now Singaporeans... SHOW THEM WHO OWNS SINGAPORE! Go down and cheer proudly!


1. Admiralty Secondary School
Woodlands Crescent
Singapore 737916

2. Bedok View Secondary School
Bedok South Avenue 3
Singapore 469293

3. Deyi Secondary School
Ang Mo Kio Street 42
Singapore 569277

4. Dunman Secondary School
Tampines Street 45
Singapore 529093

5. Greenridge Secondary School
Bukit Panjang Ring Road
Singapore 679938

6. Jurong Junior College
Corporation Road
Singapore 649809

7. Singapore Chinese Girls' School
Dunearn Road
Singapore 309437

8. South View Primary School
Choa Chu Kang Central
Singapore 689762

9. Tao Nan School
Marine Crescent
Singapore 449761

This is very important Singaporeans! Let the LEEgime know from now on, WHO IS STRONGER. Them or Us?


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