Tuesday, April 26, 2011

URGENT! Revive the Tg Pagar nomination - Last Chance

I will open some of the cards here, Tg Pagar GRC Team led by Mr. Ng Teck Siong lacked funds & stressed out some candidates. He told press he gave up. But after I spoke to him he agree to try again. Deposit of 3 of his candidates needs to be raised by tomorrow in Casher Order payable to Auditor General, actually last hour is noon 27.Apr nomination day. But I don't risk last min. I urge you all Singaporeans to raise funds. Contact h/p 92410419 to offer deposit loan. This is very safe as there is no 3 corner.

I am working to revive his candidate confidence or replace them with our spares. Oppo leaders are helping. Fingers Crossed. They already have nominators, but if you are Tg Pagar residents pse still welcome you to come forward to offer.

Another healthy alternative approach is here:

I hereby call on all the opposition parties to re-consider 3 corners in SMC and move your candidates into Tg Pagar by tomorrow form either a new team or combined with Mr. Ng. I will help to tie up. I urge candidates like Mr. Andrew Kuan to pull out of Joo Chiat and join Tg Pagar, pool your resources with us.

I hereby also urge those SMC 3 corner candidates who had paid up deposit and had decided not to enter 3 corner but withdraw instead, load your deposit to Tg Pagar team tomorrow 26.April.

We can make it! You do your parts. Raise the deposits.

There is another GRC short S$27K deposit as off midnight 25.April. Money had been coming in but I want to see the gap closed ASAP. No more uncertainty can be allowed. Call 92410419 ASAP to offer help.

Thank you stand up for SG!

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