Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shocking Enraging Bureaucracy Rejected Nomination of GE2011 Contest against Lee Kuan Yew URL

This is the 1st part. I have not mentioned that they cheated away to avoid hearing our legitimate Objection Against LKy's nomination, and rushed straight to announce LKy walkover. They announced LKy walkover as all other candidates including NSP WP etc were awaiting for their nomination.

I will record another video soon to cover this.

Statute Online URL

Objections to nomination papers
30. —(1) Objection may be made to a nomination paper on all or any of the following grounds but on no other ground:
(a) that the description of the candidate is insufficient to identify the candidate;
(b) that the nomination paper does not comply with or was not delivered in accordance with the provisions of this Act;
(c) that it is apparent from the contents of the nomination paper that the candidate is not capable of being elected a Member of Parliament;
(d) that the provisions of section 27A or 28 have not been observed.
(1A) Without prejudice to subsection (4), an objection to the nomination paper of a candidate or a group of candidates for election for an electoral division may only be made by —
(a) another candidate for election for that same electoral division;
(b) that other candidate’s proposer, seconder or any of his assentors; or
(c) the one other person (if any) appointed in writing by that other candidate to be present on the day and at the place of nomination.
(2) No objection to a nomination paper shall be allowed —
(a) unless it is made to the Returning Officer between 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. on the day of nomination; or
(b) on the ground that a group seeking election in any constituency designated under section 8A(1)(b) does not consist of at least a person belonging to the Malay community or a person belonging to the Indian or other minority communities as required under section 27A(4), if any candidate in that group has delivered to the Returning Officer under section 27B(3)( c) a certificate issued to the candidate under section 27A(6).
(3) Every objection shall be in writing signed by the objector and shall specify the ground of objection. (4) The Returning Officer may himself lodge an objection on any of the grounds set out in subsection (1). (5) The Returning Officer shall, with the least possible delay, decide on the validity of every objection and inform the candidate concerned of his decision, and, if the objection is allowed, of the grounds of his decision. (6) If the Returning Officer disallows any objection, his decision shall be final and conclusive and shall not be called in question in any court; but if he allows the objection, his decision shall be subject to reversal on an application under section 90.
Persons entitled to be present during nomination proceedings
31. The following persons, and no others, shall be entitled to be present at the proceedings specified in sections 29 and 32:
(a) the candidates;
(b) each candidate’s proposer, seconder and assentors;
(c) one other person (if any) appointed in writing by each candidate;
(d) the Returning Officer and such other persons authorised by the Returning Officer to assist him at such proceedings; and
(e) any other person with the written permission of the Returning Officer to be present at those proceedings.

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