Sunday, August 29, 2010

NDP2010 National Security Scandal Exposed - Teo Chee Hean can RESIGN!

I have recorded video evidence beginning from 26.June.2010 during NDP2010 rehearsal, as I became aware of this Major National Security Scandal. HD Video and handphone videos had been recorded on NDP2010 rehearsal on 31.July.2010 as well as NDP2010 9.Aug.2010 itself. The location were all at Kallang Leisure Park near old National Stadium & Stadium MRT Station.

For comparison against these evidence, I like to highlight 2 cases: Dutch MRT Train vandal who had been charge; imprisoned; caned; and appealed to increase sentence by corrupt and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime, in their self-proclaimed Great Concern Over Public Security.

CPL Dave Teo was charged and imprisoned for more than 9 years, for just deserting SAF with an automatic assault rifle.

How can that single little rifle be even compared against these heavy weapons used on NDP2010 by egoistic famiLEE LEEgime, which included various types of tanks; armored combat vehicles; artillery; missiles; anti-aircraft weapons; radars; combat engineer vehicles; naval weaponry trucks; etc?

My video footage clearly showed that, these heavy weapons of NDP2010 Mobile Column were deployed at Kallang Park near MRT station, where any member of public including terrorists can get easy access. There were totally no armed guards on alert what so ever to secure these very lethal weapons at all.

The SAF officers and men who were supposed to be responsible for these heavy weapons, I found them mostly hiding in the air-conditioned Kallang Leisure Park Mall. They were eating fast food; resting; shopping; and watching sexy girls' squash competition. They abandoned their heavy weapons outside and subjected them to exposure to terrorist sabotage and highjacking.

There were no armed guards on any alert at all, I seriously checked around, and moved around freely within their deployment area and recorded videos.

In my video you can see 2 soldiers leaning on each other falling asleep, they wear luminous jacket which means they were supposed to be the duty persons deployed to watch at the corner of the mall, there was a private security guard leaning on the same wall behind this 2 soldiers, he work for the mall only.

This compared against the so called Public Security Threat posed by Dutch Vandal??

Totally different magnitude!

So called JI or Terrorists, they can just easily sabotage these Mobile Column of NDP2010 - FREELY & EASILY. They can plant bombs, or set missiles on fire, or just simply spray graffiti like that Dutch man did the MRT. Where would that land Rear Admiral Teo Chee Hean?

I say prepare to write Resignation Letter Admiral Teo!

And Wong Kan Seng I dare you to laugh at Teo!