Sunday, July 18, 2010

Suggestion to introduce Political Activities Act

This is a copied post from me at Sammyboy.Com forum, today 18.Jul.2010

Hi Mr. Sec Gen,

When you get into the parliament, I suggest you propose a proper bill to regulate regular activities of political parties and NGO what not political groups, and appoint a proper statutory body to be in charge.

The act should specify and make providence for legitimate political groups' parties' activity to interact with people with political interest. Specify what are the limitations and responsibilities. Specify the governing body, specify what are the offenses and penalties also. Call this the political activities act or something.


Rallies; procession; demonstration; what requirement necessary, time of day, location, size of crowd, security marshals, traffic & road management, min numbers of days in advance for application, Merit / Demerit Points System, suspension / revocation of permit, responsibility and liabilities etc.

Also define classification:
Walk about; small meetings; meet the people; in-door meetings; large rallies; specified by numbers of participants, giving a range (max -min)

Regulatory controls, police power, organizers' marshaling powers', who may order trouble makers to leave, how should police help, what should organizer be held responsible for, etc.

Provide also:
How places of public / road may or may not, be used, obligation and authorities of each dept. Fees, costs, and how state resources may be provided or rendered useful.

As long as there is a reasonable law, I believe that all citizens / activists are happy to comply with.

As it is it became very obvious that corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime is very coward selfish and hypocritical about this. They misuse / abuse National Environmental, Misc Offenses, Public Entertainment & Meetings, Public Order... acts to any how hum-tum against parties other than their how PAp.

There is no transparency nor accountability nor fairness at all. No reasonable at all. There is bad faith, selectivity, biasness, abuse of power and negligence in countless places. We only managed to expose tip of the iceberg online.

Ass Loong Son still want to tell people that he is doing Political Reform

Do you believe that he is sincere? Who will believe he is?

If our country will get a real political reform, show us a reasonable legislation to properly regulate political activities, that will be a good place to start. This is my suggestion.