Friday, July 02, 2010

Yaacob's Ark to be built to save famiLEE LEEgime during floods

Flood News Again Today

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Yaacob Almighty?!

The Book of LEEgime, chapters 6-9, tells how God sends a great flood to destroy the red dot because of man's wickedness and because the red dot is corrupt. God tells Noah, the righteous man in his generation, to build a large vessel to save his family and a representation of the world's animals. God gives detailed instructions for the Ark and, after its completion, sends the animals to Noah. God then sends the Flood, which rises until all the HDB flats are covered, and most living things died, except the fish. Then "God remembered Noah," the waters abate, and dry land reappears. Noah, his family, and the animals leave the Ark, and God vowed to never again send a flood to destroy the red dot.

May be the Singaporeans should consider to construct Singapore's Ark at Hong Lim Park?


Sail that to the Istana?

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