Sunday, August 01, 2010

Local & Foreign Activists fights againt Death Penalty together at Speaker's Corner

It's been raining the whole day, but unsure yet if Singapore had flooded again today.

Under mild rain at Hong Lim Park Speakers' Corner, more than a hundred activists turned up at an even organized by The Online Citizen TOC, which is a campaign against Death Penalty, and for convict Yong Vui Kong. The even was prepared starting 1515hr, and went into full swing by about 1600hr, and completed just after 1700hr.

Mr Alan Shadrake a British writer who had been charged by the shameless famiLEE LEEgime for being critical against their judiciary was strongly welcomed by supporters.

Local political leaders including members of various political parties were at the event. Dr Chee Soon Juan, and Mr. Keneth Jayaretnam were both seen in the videos I recorded.

famiLEE LEEgime sent under-cover spies to monitor the event, which is entirely no surprising.

The event proved that it is indeed very stupid for famiLEE LEEgime to have Mr. Shadrake charged, because he got instantly famous and his book became much more popular than originally expected. The defiant author is very well strengthen and strongly supported by the public. At Hong Lim Park he got warmly welcomed and received, and I saw him so popularly motivated, so busy signing autographs, being interviewed, taking photos and videos with supporters. He indeed became much more popular than our local political party leaders, and I am absolutely not exaggerating at all.

The lame silly famiLEE LEEgime had yet again created their own enemy out of no where, and then strengthen them totally out of proportion. This is not the 1st time, and will not be the last either. :-)