Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old Dog LKY should also admit: No Amount of High Salary Can Prevent Corruption

Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew's Confident and EGO washed away by flood water

(video:) He went all the way to the Kallang River to wash it.

MM Lee: No amount of engineering can prevent floods

This was Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's response to the recent spate of flash floods that affected many areas in Singapore, including Bukit Timah, Orchard Road and Thomson Road.

MM Lee was speaking on the sidelines of his visit to the Kolam Ayer ABC Waterfront and the River Vista at Kallang, two new projects under the Public Utility Board's Active, Beautiful and Clean - or ABC - Waters Programme.

He said: "Whatever we do, when we get extraordinary rainfall - like we had recently - no amount of engineering can prevent flooding.

"There is a limited amount of space that you can dig underground, there is a limited amount of space that you can have run-offs for canals. And if you have extraordinary rainfall, well, you've got to prepare for it.

"But of course, everyone expects everything to be perfect - Singaporeans expect everything to be perfect - which we try to do, but some things which are beyond any... it is "Act of God". Unless you want to lose half the roads and have canals." ...more.

famiLEE LEEgime's myth of their capabilities to build & engineer city infrastructures had been washed away by flood water, gone is their ego and self-confidence. Both Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew and his Ass Loong Son admitted that they are beaten by flooding of tinyred dot and they will not win.

This is expected and timely. Should be no surprise at all.

The famiLEE LEEgime is built up via piling up myths and falsehood, it would come apart by only this way, when the little boy pointed out at pimples on emperor's ass and everyone is laughing, he have to accept the truth that there is no New Robes and his ass is naked.

I invite Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew to admit to another truth.


His CLEAN LEEgime is yet another myth just like his CLEAN & FLOOD-FREE red dot.

Would he need to wait until Corruption Scandals to be fully exposed like Water Flooding everywhere for him to admit this fact. NKF is already 5 years, more had surfaced. Political Masturbation & Davinda Singh can not solve the crisis of reality, just like clearing up culverts can not prevent floods.

Admit it Old Dog Thief, your defeat is already conclusive. thread