Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who else had Mr M Ravi took on recently

My recent blog post on Mr. M Ravi:

  • Arrested M Ravi had no food at police station and ...
  • famiLEE LEEgime Arrested & Charged M Ravi to White...

  • The identity of this person is not disclosed here who is a client in a divorce matter handled by Mr. M Ravi. I received these documents last month but had then decided not to publicize it although Mr. Ravi insisted that I must. I weighted the matter according to my own considerations and requests or opinions of all other activists including Ravi himself or any friendly political parties are considered, but never over-weighted.

    Since Mr. Ravi is now in a situation that famiLEE LEEimge moved to put him in IMH, and take away is practice license, I have different considerations about publicizing this matter, to show more information regarding why is Ravi at risk now.

    VP of Singapore Law Society TL Yap (unrelated to me) represents the spouse of Ravi's client in the above divorce case. Police report and international actions had been taken by Ravi to expose criminal extortion attempt involving VP of Singapore Law Society TL Yap, in this divorce matter.

    It is up to you all to decide weather this matter is sensitive enough or not.

    There are many different opinions and ideas around me always regarding what I should or should not post on the internet or what angle should matters be presented. I will hear these guys out but I will make my own decisions, it is my blogs and my postings after all, I must have my own final say.

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