Sunday, April 01, 2012

Corpse Chop-Chop again because SPF simply FAILED their job

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A tragic and unacceptable failure by famiLEE LEEgime police causing a women's death and possible death penalty of her boy friend now under arrest.

The SPF attended emergency police call before the deadly violent when it was quarrel between the couple. Then the case turned to murder after police left. Obviously the SPF had not finished their jobs, failed to prevent this deadly violent. The quarrel did not get over after police attendance and had obviously later escalated into deadly bloodshed instead of peace.

Indeed it was not only deadly but a very rare level of brutality and horror in this case that corpse of the victim woman was chopped up in the HDB home and thrown downstairs to the public common area.

Obviously LEEgime mata underestimated the situation and had made wrong assessment of the consequence and had surely done less than enough for protection of live and keeping peace in this case, as their primary duty.

There was obviously an excellent chance of preventing this in the hands of SPF mata, but they had ruined it. As a result live is lost.

So don't brag 1st World no more LEEgime!

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