Monday, September 27, 2010

CPF politics with the New Voters and New Citizens

I have recorded another episode of my Chinese series of political video, on the subject of new voters and new citizens via the perspective of CPF. I strongly feel that the Singaporean opposition will love the so called New Media more and more, and famiLEE LEEgime will regret it deeply and painfully, as we further show them how to regret. :-)

新加坡来届大选的 新移民,新选民课题。
In the coming general election, all the new voters and new immigrants are in the same boat as the Singapore born and bred citizens and voters. We share the same crisis and fate.
politics from the angle of CPF, 从公积金的角度论政。

新移民,新选民,新加坡,大选,Singapore, new immigrants, new voters, uncleyap, 叶叔问政,CPF,公积金 『同舟共济』 think liquidating the CPF Board. 公积金局清盘的考量角度。 thread